Membership Draws

The Uralla Bowlo rewards their members by offering Membership draws.

When you become a member you are allocated number that is uniquely yours.

Be in the Club at the time of the draw and claim your prize within four minutes to win!

Friday Membership Draw

Conducted in conjunction with our Friday night raffles, the first draw will take place at 6.45pm. If not claimed, the second draw will be held after the raffles.


The Membership Draw starts out at $1000 and jackpots $100 per week when not claimed, until it reaches $1500


When it reaches $1500, Membership numbers will be drawn until a winner is found !


Membership must be current to be in the draw, and the Member has to be in the Club to claim the draw.


Sunday Arvo Membership Draw

Drawn between 1 - 3 pm


The Sunday Membership Draw starts out at $200 and increases by $20 per week if not claimed until $300 is reached.


When the jackpot reaches $300, a Membership number will be drawn until a winner is found.


Membership must be current, and the Member must be on site to claim the draw.

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